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Take care of your dog and, at the same time, save time and money!!
With VetOnline, choose your best deal and receive professional veterinary advice without having to leave the comfort of your home.
Take care of your dog
Introductory Offer
VetOnline Introductory Offer ($1,00)
VetOnline is such a unique and innovative service that we want you to be able to try it out at an incredible price !
Please let us know what you think and take the time to answer our short quality survey at the end of the consultation and if you are satisfied, don’t hesitate to tell others about VetOnline...
per consultation
Offer limited to one test per household.
Single Consultation*
VetOnline Single Consultation ($9,90*)
Your dog is ill or behaving unusually? You have a question concerning your dog’s health? You need a veterinary consultation during the night? With VetOnline, get immediate expert online veterinary advice and be reassured without paying unnecessary veterinary bills.
* one consultation for 9,90$ without any commitment.
One consultation without any commitment.
1 month*
VetOnline Introductory Offer ($1,00)
You have several dogs or you have many questions about your dog’s health and you just want to be able to consult experienced vets whenever you want while reducing your veterinary costs.

This is exactly what VetOnline is for! Daily advice from experienced vets for a small fee!
* monthly automatic renewal with no commitment, can be stopped each month with a month notice. See details, clic here
per month
Ask an unlimited number of questions for one or more dogs.
Pack of 10
VetOnline Pack of 10 consultations – unlimited duration ($79,90*)
A pack of 10 consultations ($7,99 per consultation instead of $9,90) for an unlimited period of time.
Questions every now and then about your dog ? You don't want to pay a veterinary consultation just for some questions regarding your dog's well-being, hygiene, training, etc. This pack is for you.
VetOnline gives you a professional vet opinion before consulting your vet if necessary.
* pack of 10 consultations for 79,90$ with unlimited duration and without any commitment.
$7.99 per consultation for an unlimited time.