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  • My dog Pooky

    When Pooky, my little terrier, isn’t feeling well, all I have to do is go to VetOnline and start a consultation.  I complete the questionnaire to explain what’s bothering her and, thanks to VetOnline, I quickly find out what’s wrong.  It’s easy and convenient.  I no longer have to spend hours going to the vet for the littlest thing that worries me.  VetOnline gives me simple advice and peace of mind.  It’s like having an on-call veterinarian right at home.  Thank you, VetOnline!


  • Coco’s paw

    Late one evening, I noticed that Coco, my three-year-old Chihuahua, was constantly licking his leg and whimpering.  I tried to see what kind of problem he had, but he didn’t want me to touch the tip of his paw.  It was all swollen and red, and I was worried.  While looking on the Internet, I found VetOnline.  Even though I still had to take Coco to the vet the next day, I was able to get information about what I could do for him until then.  This site is a real first aid toolkit.  Thank you!

  • Barney’s fight

    The other day, Barney, the family dog, got in a fight with a German shepherd in the street.  He’s not exactly a big dog, but he doesn’t know that.  Although he did have some scratches, they didn’t justify a trip to the vet.  Instead, we used VetOnline to learn how to take care of his cuts properly.  The kids and I learned how to give first aid to a dog!  We saved a lot of time and the whole family learned a lot.

  • Separation anxiety

    My Boxer is my baby even if she is a big dog :) I run a lot and sometimes go biking too (I live out in the country near a lake). She is the ideal companion for my active lifestyle.  The only problem is that she is really shy with other people, which isn’t easy for me since I travel a lot for my job.  Fortunately, on VetOnline, I learned that she probably has attachment problems.  They gave me easy tricks to help relax her when I’m away and have to leave her with friends.

  • Our old Labrador

    We have a wonderful old yellow lab. We all love her, especially the kids, but she is old and it’s starting to show. Thanks to VetOnline, we’ve learned how to take care of our old friend.  We learned all kinds of things, such as what supplements to give her for her aging joints so that she can stay active and happy with the kids.