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When I found Poppy in an alley way, she was covered in fleas and extremely thin. I guess she had been wandering the streets like that for weeks. Thanks to VetOnline, I was able to nurse her back to health in no time. She has put on weight and is now running circles around me!
VetOnline also informed me of the vaccines and exams she would need to stay healthy. A few months later, she and I are both doing great!



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The other day, Barney, the family dog, got in a fight with a German shepherd in the street. Barney’s not exactly a big dog, but he thinks he is! He had a few scratches, but I didn’t think it justified a trip to the vet. Instead, we used VetOnline! The kids and I learned how to give first aid to a dog and take care of his cuts! We saved a lot of time, and it was a great learning experience for the whole family.


The mission of VetOnline:
Keep your pets happy and healthy!


What is

Experienced veterinarians designed VetOnline to provide immediate, personalized and expert answers to your concerns.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, VetOnline answers questions regarding your dog’s health, hygiene, food, training, behavior and more.

For a nominal fee, VetOnline will help look after your dog.

How does
VetOnline work?

The consultation is a three step process:

  • Choose the topic of your concern
  • Complete a health questionnaire
  • Get your answer, within minutes!

Why trust

VetOnline was created by a team of experienced veterinarians who care about the health and well-being of dogs.

These vets have worked together to pool their knowledge to create a veterinary diagnosis expert system in order to provide personalized advice for your dog.

More than
one dog?

Register as many dogs as you like in your VetOnline account. For each consultation, you can either choose a dog you have already registered or add a new dog.

With the unlimited access package, you can consult VetOnline for all of your dogs, as often as you like.

WARNING : VetOnline provides you with professional advice but does not replace a clinical veterinary consultation. In case of serious illness or injury, please consult your veterinarian.